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ITS ME !!!!!! WOW

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Hello !

It's nice to meet you ! My name is Maeve and I'm a digital 2D artist who loves colour and all things weird and cute!

I strive to use my art to help people grow and to bring comfort and understanding to those who need it.

I am a highly creative individual who prides themselves on healthy, effective communication and team building. My experience working in retail has helped me hone strong interpersonal skills and team management.

I have a background of 10+ years in fine arts and 7+ years of experience in digital art. I have also studied musical theatre and drama for 2+ years and obtained my certificate IV in Musical Theatre at the end of 2017. My range of experience has given me a unique perspective on creative processes.

I am currently furthering my studies at The Australian College of the Arts (COLLARTS) by working to complete my bachelor's degree in Animation & VFX.

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