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Group Classes


Welcome to the landing page !

This page has all the information you will need for weekly classes running during term, as well as school holiday workshops.

Digital Drawing for Animation
Ages 10+
Friday afternoons: 2-4pm & 4-6pm
Start date: 3/5/24

$40 per week


$240 per term

 Save $80!

Capped at 8 students per class.

Classes run weekly at the small meeting room at Gosford Regional Art Gallery from 2pm-4pm and 4pm-6pm.


Please find the enrolment form at the bottom of the page.

Students are required to fill out their enrolment form and receive a placement before attending class.

This class focuses on students who show a keen interest in digital illustration, comic making, character design and animation. 

Students will be guided through fundamental techniques  traversing both digital and traditional mediums, building up easily translatable skills for creating their desired works.

The class will be structured around these fundamentals as well as allowing plenty of time to accommodate individual student's interests, so please take the below class plan as an outline :)

As the main focus of this class is learning to draw for animated works and creating digital artwork, all students must have their own drawing tablet, stylus, and appropriate software. Students will have the opportunity to create traditionally as well as digitally. Please see the supplies list at the bottom of this page to see what your child will require to participate in lessons.

Students will be immersed in a highly creative and supportive environment with like minded peers.

As a teacher I wish to encourage each individual artist to find joy in their art and to help young people flourish in a diverse and safe social space.

If this class sounds right for you please feel free to enrol below ! However, please be aware that I am only able to take limited numbers of students due to the space and nature of my teaching style. 

If you're not sure if this class is for you, please feel free to send me an email at

I'll happily look over student work and help you find the right class for you.

This classroom will be a safe and welcoming space for neuro-diverse, queer and disabled youth.

Class Plan - subject to change

Week 1

  • Warm up and icebreakers

  • Shape Language

  • Silhouette

  • Line work technique

Week 2

  • Warm up 

  • Digital Drawing Software 101

  • Cartooning and expressions

  • Character Piece

Week 6

  • Warm up 

  • Bodies and Posing

  • Life drawing

  • Character Piece

Week 3

  • Warm up

  • Outdoor lesson

  • Environment 0.1

  • Lighting

Week 7

  • Warm up 

  • Thumbnailing

  • Body Planes

  • Character Piece

Week 4

  • Warm up

  • Colour and Contrast

  • Value

  • Style Study

  • Character Piece

Week 5

  • Warm up 

  • Form studies

  • Breaking down Faces 

  • Customising character head

  • Character piece

Week 8

  • Warm up 

  • Style Study

  • Design challenge

  • Character Piece

Class dates

Classes held every Friday from the 3rd of May, with the exception of the following dates: 

24st May
21st June

Enrolment form

Supply List


Private tutoring

I am not currently offering additional openings for private tutoring, please check back another time :)

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